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Twins' Gardenhire eager to take baseball's replay to the next level

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The NFL gives its coaches fashionable red bean bags for replay requests. Ron Gardenhire wants one, too.

Minnesota's skipper, whose team was burned by a missed call at the plate Monday night, says major league managers should be able to demand a video review when disputing an umpire's call.

"I've said all along that I want a red flag," Gardenhire said. "If you use it and you're wrong, you don't get the red flag the rest of the game. But if you use it and you're right, you get your red flag back. That would save me a lot of [fine] money. Just throw the red flag and replay it.

"Football has a red flag. Why can't we? Keep it in my sock like they do."

Major League Baseball installed video replay late in the 2008 season but uses it much more narrowly than does the NFL. As of today, only home-run calls are subject to review and it's up to the umpires on the field to check.

Were it within the rules of his game, Gardenhire would have reached into his sock Monday night to challenge the game's key call. With two outs in the ninth inning, Michael Cuddyer(notes) tried to score the tying run from second base on a wild pitch. He appeared to slide safely before Michael Wuertz(notes) tagged him, but was called out and the A's won, 14-13.

"Last night would have been a great red flag game," Gardenhire said. "I could have thrown it out there and then they could have run and checked the replay. It would have been perfect."

In a radio interview, Wuertz said he heard from many friends and relatives who gave him the business about the play. While Wuertz did not flat-out admit the A's caught a break, he did say: "It's one of those replays where you're glad it's not football."

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