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Twins closer Glen Perkins converts two-thirds of a save with his fly down

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Baseball is by no means an easy game, but apparently much of the difficulty is eliminated by playing with your fly down.

That almost has to be true, or else how could we possibly explain Matt Holliday hitting a home run with his zipper all the way down earlier this season, and how else can we explain Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins recording two-thirds of his save on Friday night under those same circumstances.

OK, so maybe it happens more often than we're aware of (thankfully), but these two instances were pretty prominent given the players involved, the situation in the game, and the outcomes for each. Fortunately for Perkins though, unlike Holliday's mistake, his was never spotted by either television crew during the game. No videos or gifs exist, but we do have this photo of the critical moment of discovery courtesy of photographer Ben Garvin, who works for the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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That is quality photography.

Perkins is fortunate for another reason. He was born with a quality sense of humor.

And as soon as he saw that picture floating around on Twitter, he immediately made it his new avatar.

Now that's how you turn an embarrassing situation around. Not only did Glen Perkins earn the save in Minnesota's 3-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians on Friday night, he salvaged his pride by being able to have fun at his own expense.

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