TV cameraman barehands Peter Bourjos foul ball

David Brown

Major League Baseball players frequently make great catches. Sometimes, they even make great catches with their bare hands. But have you ever seen a ballplayer make a great barehanded catch while also operating a heavy TV camera that costs thousands of dollars?

A man who Fox Sports broadcasters called Jim Foley made such a play while filming an at-bat by Peter Bourjos of the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday afternoon. Bourjos, stepping in against right-hander Blaine Boyer of the San Diego Padres in the bottom of the eighth inning, fouled off a 90 mph fastball to the right side. Foley, atop a platform behind the last row of seats in the lower bowl at Busch Stadium, kept his face focused on his viewfinder and reached out with his left hand to snag the ball. It was a great show of skill for amateur photographers who struggle to "get the shot" and still "live in the moment." Foley appeared to do both. That's why he's a pro, folks!

Like the announcer said, Wow!
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Like the announcer said, Wow!


The Big Question: Did it hurt?

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Yes. Yes it did.

Foley also did The Right Thing by quickly giving the ball to a young fan, because what's a grown TV cameraman going to do with a Peter Bourjos foul ball? 

The at-bat ended with Bourjos making an out, and the Cardinals hung on for a 7-6 victory. Who didn't win from this game? Other than the Padres?

Say: Is there any way the Cardinals call Foley up when rosters expand in September? They might need this kind of help to make the playoffs out of the NL Central.

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