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David Brown

Triple player Eric Bruntlett should send himself to Hall of Fame

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Cooperstown has asked Phillies triple-play artiste Eric Bruntlett(notes) to lend a piece of history to the Hall of Fame in order to celebrate his ultra-rare end-of-game a trois in the Phillies 9-7 victory against the Mets on Sunday. The man himself reportedly is FedExing his No. 4 road gray jersey to the Hall, which always knows how to make a great diorama.

But, really, we ask ... just his jersey? Here at Big League Stew HQ, we think that anything less than sending the bearded Bruntlett himself would not be enough. Honestly, the Phillies are coasting to another NL East championship and they really won't need Bruntlett again until next spring training at the earliest. Why not put him out on loan for a few months?

We can picture the exhibit now ...

Eric Bruntlett: Live at the Hall of Fame! Come and meet the amazing Phillies backup infielder who, after botching a couple of plays against the Mets, rebounded by being in the right place at the right time to turn a game-ending triple play. Just the second one in major league history and the first to be featured on the front of Yahoo! Sports!

Think of the possibilities here. Bruntlett could sit in one of those cool egg chairs from the '70s, shake fans hands and tell them all about the triple play he turned. Fans could take their picture with Bruntlett, they could touch his beard and they could even request to be tagged out by him just like Daniel Murphy(notes)! In a day and age when all museums are looking to become increasingly interactive, Cooperstown would truly take the cake. Lines would be out the door! Cash registers ringing! Economic stimulus!

Alas, the Hall of Fame will probably be satisfied with just the jersey, seeing as it doesn't need to be fed, washed or shaved. However, we still say that's hogwash!

Let's give rural New York the real thing!

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