Trevor Bauer’s latest rap song says the Indians have their ‘eyes on the pennant’

Mike Oz
May 29, 2013

Trevor Bauer, the Cleveland Indians pitcher/novice rapper, has released a new song and the good news is there's no question whether this one is about his teammates. It is. But in a good way.

Bauer, you might recall, was at the center of a preseason controversy when one of his rap songs sounded like it was taking a swipe at ex-Arizona Diamondbacks teammate Miguel Montero. Bauer denied that, saying it was recorded before Montero called him out publicly.

This time, things are way more kumbaya. Bauer's track is titled "Gutter to the Grail" and it shouts out many of his Indians teammates in a flattering way. The song was penned for the Wahoos on First podcast, which explains the hook: "From the gutter to the grail, we rise up to win it / Wahoos on first with our eyes on the pennant."

Word is, Mark Reynolds will use the song as his walk-up music.

Bauer, the 14th best prospect in the game according to Baseball America, has been up and down between the big club and Triple-A this season. He has a nice 2.76 ERA in three starts for the Indians, but a plump 8.3 BB/9. He's currently at Triple-A Columbus again, where, in fact, he pitched Wednesday, getting a loss after giving up seven hits, seven runs and four homers in 4 2/3 innings.

Indians blog Waiting for Next Year fell on the sword and listened to this song more than once to transcribe some of the rhymes. Here are the ones that pertain to Indians players, in case you can't make them out through Bauer's muffled rap delivery:

• Michael Bourn and Michael Brantley (“are the truest”)
• Ubaldo Jiménez (“always cruisin’, gettin’ stupid, throwing cheddar”)
• Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera (“Kip and Cabby amaze with the top ten plays”)
• Mark Reynolds (“hitting clean up” as a rhyme to “Cody Allen turn the heat up”)
• Justin Masterson (“Nasty Masty with the sink”)
• Joe Smith (“Smith, with a flick of his wrist”)
• Carlos Santana (“at the dish, whipping the hose out”)
• Chris Perez (“CP in the ninth, you know we gon’ close out”)
• Nick Swisher (“smoking pitchers like cigars”)

Bauer is not a very good rapper, something he acknowledges. And we'll just agree that's a very good assessment. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to some Kendrick Lamar.

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