ToTO: How do we love Joe Maddon? Let us count the ways


Five quick links to start your day ...

1. With a victory over the White Sox on Saturday, Joe Maddon won his 206th game with the Rays, a new franchise record. In honor of that accomplishment, our man Chalk has enlisted the help of Rays Nation to compile 206 reasons to love the man.

Reason No. 18: "He says the two coolest things he has ever seen are the roof of the Sistine Chapel and a Rolling Stones concert." [Bugs & Cranks]

2. From a different Madden (Bill) comes the post-John Maine diagnosis that the Mets' ship is starting to spring major leaks. [NY Daily News]

3. Turns out there's a reason why Bobby Thigpen has been hard to reach for a quote as K-Rod approaches his record of 57 saves in a season: "It's about him, not me. That's how it happened when I did it. I was getting on our team plane for a road trip and someone handed me a telegram. It was from Dave Righetti, and he felt the same way I feel. More power to you." [Chicago Tribune]

4. Sox, Cards and Brew fans, take heed: The anti-Cubs shirt of your dreams has arrived. (I gotta admit ... it's pretty funny.) [Lenin's Closet via The Big Lead]

5. There's nothing quite like computer nerd humor, so check out why our engineers at Yahoo! always have a chuckle when they're allowed to go outside to a game at AT&T Park. [Tech Crunch]