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Toronto Blue Jays lead the league in unruly fans

The crazy-looking guy who caught the bat at the Toronto Blue Jays game last week? He's a model citizen compared to some of the people who have been acting wild and unruly at Rogers Centre so far this season.

In a year in which expectations are high for the Blue Jays, the fans are doing their part to assure the Jays lead the league — in shenanigans.

Exhibit A: A fan ran through Sunday's game, slid into second base, got up and then tried to escape the field by climbing the outfield wall. Almost made it too. He's actually quite quick and, in a lesser season, might be worth a tryout for the Jays.

Here are a couple other perspectives, that are worth a look:

Exhibit B: Here's a fan getting dragged out of the stadium. Why? Don't know for sure. Maybe there was an R.A. Dickey drinking game — drink for every run he gives up — on Sunday and everybody was trashed.

Exhibit C: R.A. Dickey drinking game is looking like a good guess. (Warning: this video contains barf.)

Exhibit D: This video made the rounds last week. It's Jays fans fighting up in nosebleeds during the second game of the season. (Warning: You'll hear some salty language in the background). Notice when the girl filming shouts "YouTuuuuuuuuube" and security motions to her to stop recording. Then she doesn't! Let it be known: You can't just tell Blue Jays fans when to stop recording.

Conclusion: We suspect Drunk Jays Fans isn't just a good blog — but a way of life in Toronto.

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