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Top O' The Order: Quick! Meet Jim Leyritz! While you still can!

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A few quick links to start your day ...

• I suppose there are probably some who believe it's weird that Jim Leyritz is charging $22 for his autograph at this weekend's Yanks for the Memories show. But look at it this way: If his upcoming DUI manslaughter trial doesn't go well for him, he'll only be signing license plates for the next few years. Your signature is only guaranteed to skyrocket in value. (Wonder if he'll sign any of his mugshots?) [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy]

• Phillies fan Enrico comes forth with an excellent angle on why we should care how much athletes gets paid. It pertains to Ryan Howard and the Phillies and it's one I haven't thought of before. [The 700 Level]

• The new apple for Citi Field weighs 6,000 lbs. and is being manufactured in Minnesota. Check out this video of Miss Minnesota showing up at the factory to check out production (and please laugh at her fruit-related pun at the end, too). [Long Island Mets Fan]

• Remember the old baseball card granny that we featured here a few weeks ago? The one who found the 1869 Cincinnati card and originally stuck it on eBay for $9.99, only to find out it was worth much, much more? Well, she appeared on Jay Leno earlier this week and like any old granny, she can hold her own. [Fresno Bee]

• The Red Sox have their "Truck Day" scheduled for Feb. 6. I have no idea why people would show up to Fenway to watch a truck get loaded with baseball equipment before it gets shipped to Fort Myers, but then again, there isn't much to do in the winter. [Red Sox Monster]

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