Top O' The Order: Please let this be it for the Manny saga


A few quick links to start your day ...

• The parameters of a contract are in place, Manny Ramirez has traveled from Miami to Mannywood and a meeting with owner Frank McCourt is scheduled for today. So, yeah, hopefully it'll be only a couple more hours until we can focus our energies on stories like "When's Manny going to report to camp?" and "Is this going to ruin the Dodgers clubhouse chemistry?" [Los Angeles Times]

• Further evidence A-Rod can do no right: He said on Tuesday that he wished Jose Reyes were on his team all the time. So if you're Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano, do you take that as a slight? [Metsradamus]

• Since the Mariners have almost no shot at winning the World Series, the fine people of LL have started writing posts as if the M's just captured the crown. For some reason, I find this profoundly depressing and I don't live anywhere near Seattle. [Lookout Landing]

• Charles Fountain takes a look at the differences between Florida and Arizona spring training camps: "Players don't sweat in Arizona," counters one Florida person. "They don't get in the same kind of shape because they never sweat. You look at the conditioning of teams in the early season, and you'll see that the teams that trained in Florida seem to be in much better shape." [Extra Bases]

• The well-traveled Orlando Cabrera punches Oakland, Ca., into his well-worn GPS; A's fans react to the news. [Athletics Nation]

• Meanwhile, a good question is asked: How did Edgar Renteria get that big contract at the start of the offseason while guys like O-Cab and O-Hud (a second baseman, but still) had to wait a veritable eternity? (Answer: Brian Sabean) [Only Baseball Matters]

STEW NEWS: Remember to eat your Big League Stew Twitter!

• Speaking of Twitter, here's Nick Swisher's feed. He's going to have to work on his game, though. "Good swings. No results. Felt good today." Zzzzzzzzzz. [Twitter]

• World Baseball Classic: Great idea or looming disaster? [Over The Monster]

•'s Bill Ladson didn't learn the first time he had his rental car window shattered by an erstwhile Nationals baseball. [Nationals Journal]

• Matt Vasgersian mixes up Fernando Vina with Fernando Valenzuela, apparently drops a Fernando-bomb on MLB Network. (Warning: Earmuffs, NSFW) [NESW Sports]