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Top O' The Order: Manny starts being Manny in Los Angeles

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Five quick links to start your day ...

1. The top of the ninth inning is about to begin on Monday night, left field is empty and everyone starts to look for an absent Manny Ramirez. Where did he go? Why, just to the bathroom because he thought Joe Torre had pulled him from the game.

But Man-Ram gets out to his position in time (albeit with an untucked shirt) and the Dodgers hold on for the victory, so let's all just have a good chuckle. All together now! "THAT'S JUST MANNY BEING MANNY" (/Cue applause and laughter) [Yahoo! Sports]

UPDATE: The Fightins' have video.

2. I have no idea who Dru Diamond is — or why he has a video camera, access to the Internet and a working knowledge of YouTube. However, it allows him to post this great video of Rickey Henderson cussing out a New York cabbie after being accused of never signing autographs. I'd post the surreal scene here myself, but let's just say Rickey uses a word you wouldn't want your co-workers overhearing and Dru isn't very couth when it comes to his onscreen captions describing Rickey being Rickey. Proceed at your own risk, preferably at home. [Dru Diamond TV]

BONUS LINK: Dru captures David Wells using some rather salty, NSFW language outside a New York hotel.

3. "Nothing is sacred anymore. If a player like Dunn can't last in Cincinnati, no one will ever stick anywhere long-term. It's like discovering that Santa Claus isn't real. All these years, all these games, all those at-bats. All the time invested and the road trips to see #44 play, and it was all for nothing."[Diamond Hoggers]

4. A further explanation of why Cubs fans hate that guy who keeps trying to push "It's Gonna Happen" as the team's official slogan. [A League of Her Own]

5. Fernando Valenzuela is still the gold standard when it comes to fantasy season for rookie pitchers. [Fantasy Baseball Hall of Fame]

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