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Top O' The Order: Lincecum earns literary status, Cy candidacy

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Five quick links to start your day ...

1. While I like watching Tim Lincecum for his tiny size and unorthodox delivery, the thing I like best about the Giants' ace is that he seems to inspire writers to come up with some good material when they write about Tiny Tim. Tom Verducci's SI piece on Lincecum should make any end-of-the-year great sportswriting lists and as the NL Cy Young debate continues, we should see a few more examples.

Here's one, from Tim Marchman of the NY Sun:

Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants is perhaps the most stylistically unique starter to debut since Orlando Hernandez. Just as Jeff Bagwell's batting stance was something like the perfect inverse of everything you'd read in a book on how to hit baseballs, junior high school coaches could use Lincecum's violent delivery as the centerpiece of an instructional video called "How To Pitch Badly and Hurt Yourself." And in a triumph for nonconformity in baseball, Lincecum has been the best pitcher in the National League this year. What would work badly for the average 12-year-old works beautifully for him.

However, Lincecum gave up five ER in five innings against Colorado last night and Brandon Webb seems to be slipping too. That means a three-week sprint for the award between those two and CC Sabathia is officially on. [ESPN — Jayson Stark]

2. In the wake of the Sabathia no no-no controversy, our own Tim Brown checks in with a fascinating look at the scorekeeper. Look, I sure would like to get paid $135 each night to yell wild pitch! in a high-pitched voice like Bob Rosenberg does for the Cubs and Sox. Rosey can keep the pressure and the whining calls from the dugout, though. [Yahoo! Sports]

3. Personally, I think Don Sutton looks much better dressed as a 1970s stoner than his usual CHB look. Perhaps he should adopt that look full-time? [Mister Irrelevant]

4. David Dellucci blogs about the impact of Gustav on his family. [Prolebrity]

5. Photographic evidence that Chutley is not afraid to mess with The Jesus (Flores). [Nats 320]

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