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Top O' The Order: Josh Beckett throws Red Sox Nation into panic

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Five quick links to start your day ...

1. The transaction you won't see on any transaction page, yet is more important than any other movement you'll see there: Josh Beckett to see Dr. James Andrews. Obvious statement of the day ... he'll miss his scheduled start against the White Sox tonight and possibly more. [Boston Globe]

2. If the sources are correct, they'll be cryin' in Canada today and tonight. Favorite son Matt Stairs has apparently been traded from the Blue Jays to the Phillies. [Fox Sports]

3. The MLB is saying "our bad" over that A.J. Pierzynski obstruction call from last Sunday. But while the Rays may have ended up winning that game, Tampa Bay fans (all 12 of 'em) should look at it this way: The White Sox can pay them back by sweeping Boston this weekend. [Chicago Tribune]

4. I've never understood the nimwits who talk back against police, yell at police or fight against police. Of all the battles you stand no chance of winning, I think that ranks just behind racing a train over the tracks on a bike and just ahead of a night out with Pac-Man Jones. Anyway, here's a woman tempting both fate and the NYPD at Yankee Stadium. (Ear Muffs: Bad language!) [Walkoff Walk]

5. Oh, here's another thing you should probably never do: Buy a pitbull from a man who's selling them outside of Yankee Stadium. It's even worse if you bring it home and name it Melky. [Red Sox Monster]

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