Tim Lincecum’s hair is no longer very long

Kevin Kaduk
December 20, 2012

Pour out some Pert Plus. The most famous locks in baseball are apparently no more.

After years of cultivating his iconic Mitch Kramer look, San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum has opted for a much shorter hairstyle as we head into 2013. The two closely cropped pictures shown above have been floating around Twitter in the past week and a hairstylist in Lincecum's hometown of Seattle tweeted the monumental news back on Dec. 9:

Lincecum likes to maintain a low profile in the offseason so he's probably enjoying the fact he's hiding in plain sight with the help of a haircut and pair of glasses.

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Or as @FunkyFrijoles points out, maybe he's just getting a start on fitting in with the New York Yankees after he becomes a free agent next offseason.

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