Tigers' tribute to Jeremy Bonderman is a little weird, no?

It's understandable that the Tigers miss their teammate, Jeremy Bonderman.

It's understandable they'd want to send a message that he's still with the team, even though it was officially announced on Tuesday that he's out for the season while he receives treated for a blood clot in his right shoulder.

It's understandable they want him to know that next spring training, when he's expected to return, can't get here fast enough.

But hanging his empty jersey on a hanger in the dugout, like the Tigers did on June 7, is a little "someone just died and we're honoring their memory," isn't it? I know that Bonderman's situation is serious — it's been speculated that he'll have a rib removed so blood can again start to circulate from his arm to his heart — but if I were the Tigers' pitcher, I'd probably be a little creeped out. No reason for acting all morbid.

Actually, it turns out that Bonderman WAS a little weirded out by the whole thing, which makes me feel a little bit better about having that initial Wait, Bondo is still alive, right? reaction.

"I'm not dead yet," he said at the time.

Well that's settled, then. Jeremy Bonderman is still alive. By the way, the Tigers have won nine of their last 11 games to move to within 6 1/2 games of the White Sox in the AL Central. At 33-38, they're still well under .500, but with Marcus Thames hitting HRs like his name is Willie Horton and Fernando Rodney back on the hill and Joel Zumaya about done with his minor league rehab, there are still signs of life at Comerica.

A big BLS head nod to Bless You Boys for re-posting the above photo, which alerted me to the story.