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Tigers Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera sing along to ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Fenway

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Where it began, we can't begin to knowin', but the tradition of singing "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway Park during Boston Red Sox games has been growing strong for some time now.

Who would have believed, however, superstars Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers would come along with Brayan Peña and sing with the Fenway Faithful on the top step of the visitor's dugout Monday afternoon? A possible Cy Young and MVP, swaying to the music. And how do we know that Peña is the ringleader of this troupe?

Not only do the Tigers broadcasters say so, but it makes sense, given how excited Peña gets on Twitter. He is a true leader, an old-school community organizer. And even better for the Tigers, getting up and singing is another step for Cabrera in his recovery from nagging hip and abdominal issues. He should be back in the lineup soon after taking batting practice Monday. Even though manager Jim Leyland is, like, "Play it now, play it now, Miggy!"

See that? Hurtin' just runs off Miggy's shoulders. How can he hurt when holding his teammates?

Now do "Cracklin' Rosie"!

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