Say, who do you think Upper Deck will be supporting tonight?


If you've been too buried in playoff baseball news to notice, the Vice-Presidential Debate is scheduled for tonight. Upper Deck also just released the above baseball cards of VP-nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. Both will be added to the card company's popular Presidential Predictor Set and can be pulled from Upper Deck's SP Authentic Baseball set starting next week.

Now, despite some emails in the past few weeks from those who suggest otherwise, I'm about as down the middle as they come. I'm not registered on either side and I will not participate in this election in any capacity other than watching the debates and various Daily Show clips online and then stepping in the ballot booth in November and casting my vote.

With that said, doesn't it seem a bit unfair to pose Palin in a cartoonish and shrewy light while making Biden look like the second coming of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio? (Biden is actually supposed to be posed as Walter Johnson, but you get what I'm talking about.) Either go one way or the other, but making one a cartoon and the other an idol brings a bit more politics into my cards than I'm used to.

A big BLS head nod to Maury at Biz of Baseball for the tip.