The El Paso Chihuahuas introduced their new mascot and he's frightening

Mike Oz

The El Paso Chihuahuas just started their first season in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League, after having moved from Tucson and changed their name from the Padres. Everything is new for San Diego's Triple-A team — the name, logo and even the stadium they play in.

Also brand new: The Chihuahuas' mascot. His name is Chico. He was introduced Monday. And he's downright frightening. 

Is it just me, or does Chico look like he needs his shots? When I think of Chihuahuas, I don't generally think of a dog that looks like it's going to corner me in a dark alley and eat my limbs for dinner. But when I look at Chico, I see a Chihuahua who needs his fix — perhaps of human blood.

Either that, or he's super stoned. We see those blood-shot eyes, Chico. Either way, he ain't lovable little Hank the Dog from the Milwaukee Brewers. In fact, he looks like he'd eat Hank. 

The non-costumed, two-dimensional version of the Chihuahuas mascot isn't as bad. It has a Scrappy-Doo kind of look. It's not exactly cute and cuddly, but it doesn't resembled a character out of a bad B-movie either. Cody Decker, one of the Chihuahuas players, thinks the costumed version of Chico looks like Alice Cooper, and that's a pretty good call.

The Chihuahuas are, by the way, the team that pulled a month-long prank on Jeff Francoeur, so it ain't all bad in El Paso right now. But the team also appears to be serving food in dog bowls.

Minor League Baseball, you're something else.

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