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Ten crazy food creations you can eat at minor league baseball games

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In the minor leagues, creativity is king. When you're running a team, you can't necessarily count on players being there. They get shuffled around all the time. Instead, you have to sell tickets with gimmicks, weird promo nights and crazy food creations.

Minor League Baseball, in its current Food Fight contest, has narrowed down 64 crazy culinary treats you can get at its stadiums around the country. There are four categories — gut busters, hogs 'n' dogs, local legends and scrumptious sandwiches. You can head to their site to vote for the ones that look most appetizing.

Here at The Stew, we're going to forego all the categories and just show you 10 that we think are the craziest — we're talking weird, wacky, over-the-top. Stuff you'd expect to find at the county fair. It's up to you whether you actually want to track these down and eat them, or just stare at the pictures and drool. No judgement either way.



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