Tampa, Shmampa: People on the street have no love for the Rays

Big League Stew

Though most of use who hang out around the Stew fully came around on Tampa Bay sometime during the summer, the casual fan is still having problems believing they're a Major League Baseball team, let alone a major threat to win the World Series.

For proof, witness this "man on the street" interview from the Bucks County Courier Times, a Philadelphia-area newspaper.

When asked which team they'd rather have the Phillies play, one woman says the Red Sox because it would be "more of a competition." Another says the Rays because the Phillies would have "an easier time with Tampa." Finally another concedes she would have liked to see the Red Sox, but believes the Fightins' will probably end up playing the "Devils" or the "Blue Rays."

Now I'm not saying that the casual person should know a lot about the Rays, but if I'm a Fox executive, I'm heading straight to the nearest brick wall and repeatedly bashing my noggin' against it. These World Series playoff ratings just don't have a chance.

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