Swearing in front of kids probably won't help Alex Rios much


UPDATE: Whoever posted the Alex Rios(notes) video for the world to see decided that the world shouldn't see it any more. Ah well, it was profane while it lasted.

Things in Toronto haven't been going too well for Alex Rios this season and the video above sure isn't going to earn him any sympathy points. One day after he was fitted for the golden sombrero at Rogers Centre, the above video of Rios blowing past an autograph-seeking kid and then loudly swearing multiple times at a bystanding heckler surfaces on YouTube.

Rios is obviously frustrated with his freeswinging performance as of late, so it's not too hard to imagine why he'd blow up at a bum on a sidewalk calling him a bum. (Honestly, I don't really blame him for yelling back at someone who has nothing better to do than yell at athletes, though not signing for a few kids who were obviously waiting around for awhile earns him his sixth strikeout for the day.)

Still, in the age of camera phones and baseball blogs like this one, you'd think Rios would at least know to keep his emotions in check until he's far away from the situation. How'd you like to be him while trying to explain away this one? Yeesh.

A big BLS head nod to Stewie Josh for pointing us toward the clip.