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Sprinklers surprise Giants and Rockies at Coors Field in 4th inning

Big League Stew

For a few seconds Monday night at Coors Field, it seemed someone had pulled a prank from "Bull Durham."

The San Francisco Giants already had their hands full with the Colorado Rockies, trailing by five runs in the fourth inning, when the Coors sprinklers — seemingly all of them — started spraying the field and anybody on it with water. Rockies broadcaster Drew Goodman said the waterworks "went on for about three seconds," so the delay was negligible, and nobody got too soaked, but some several had noticeably startled reactions.

• Home plate umpire Chad Fairchild pulled off his mask and apparently started to signal everyone off the field, before hustling away from the impromptu shower like the Wicked Witch of the West would a full bucket.

• First base ump Jeff Kellogg scooted out of the way of a shower, but made less of a big deal of it.

• Speaking of scooting, Giants infielder Marco Scutaro started to scoot away from his position at second base, but stopped when the water stopped. Funny reaction, considering our last memory of Scutaro getting wet on a baseball field.

Trolling the Giants wonderfully, Goodman added faux speculation that the team trailing in on the scoreboard had somehow cut a deal with the head groundskeeper to turn the sprinklers on to slow down the Rockies.

"Bruce Bochy called that in," Goodman said. "He called Mark Razum, he said, 'Can you wake our guys up?' "

Analyst George Frazier jokingly noted, with starting pitcher Barry Zito struggling, that reliever "[Guillermo] Moscoso wasn't warm yet" in the bullpen.

But the sprinklers didn't last long enough. If only the Giants had Crash Davis on their team. He could have gotten them a rainout:

The Rockies won 6-1 and Zito dropped to 0-8 with a 9.61 ERA on the road. Do you think he was the guy who called in the rainout attempt?

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