Smells like a comeback — Derek Jeter launches third cologne, called ‘Rush’

David Brown
November 20, 2013

Now this is marketing irony: Derek Jeter fractures his ankle in 2012 playoffs, hastily returns in spring training 2013, predictably becomes injured again and limps to worst season of his distinguished career after rushing back in the New York Yankees lineup. Flash forward to a week ago, and Jeter is pitching a new cologne for Avon, the third in his person line. It's name?


Jeter, of course, has sold millions (?) of bottles of "Driven" and "Driven Black" since he got into the men's toiletry biz in 2006. Brittany Talarico of People Magazine writes that Jeter says his teammates used to tease him about cologne, but they also ask for some later:

And while the athlete’s love for the game inspired his latest scent, he maintains that he doesn’t spritz himself before hitting the field.

“Some of my teammates spray cologne on before they go out and play. I have not understood that,” he said.

So will the Yankee locker room smell like Rush next season?

“In a big group, [my teammates] don’t really ask me about it. They teased me about it originally, but then when we are one-on-one, they ask me for some,” Jeter said. “Women tell me they like it for their boyfriends and husbands. Guys don’t say it in big groups. They tell me on the sly. I think guys get embarrassed to talk about it. I don’t think it’s a topic of conversation among most guys.”

Jeter turns 40 in June and, with all of the talk about where Robinson Cano might land in free agency (it still probably will be the Yankees), the Captain has gotten lost in the shuffle. Can he still play shortstop (even with adjusted, realistic Jeter-like expectations)? Will he move to designated hitter, or another spot on the infield? The Yankees have many holes to fill. But all of that will be decided in Brian Cashman's office and on the baseball field. In November, it's all about the cologne.

As for where the name “Rush” comes from, Jeter explains it’s all about the game.

“Drive. Determination. They’re some of the characteristics I live my life by, my career by,” he said. “Rush captures the exhilaration and energy I get right before I play.”

Hopefully, that will happen again for Jeter in a healthy 2014. No more stinky seasons for Jetes.

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