Minnesota Twins ball boy, the little brother of a big leaguer, makes a sensational leaping catch

Mike Oz

"You gotta have some skills to be a ball boy."

The play of the day might just go to a ball boy. During Thursday's Chicago White Sox-Minnesota Twins game, a Twins ball boy made a great leaping grab on a line drive hit by Alexei Ramirez of the White Sox.

You might have to watch it a few times to get the full effect: Look how he jumps into action, gets some hangtime and makes a good grab, then avoids falling on his stool as he lands. The ball boy acts like it's no big deal afterward, accepting daps from a fan and tossing the ball into the crowd. You mean he doesn't get to keep the souvenir from his own highlight-reel catch?

Our star ball boy also gets a pat on the back from a guy sitting behind him, who you can see trying to shield people from the hard-hit foul ball.

Are you watching, Hooters ball girls? This is how you do it.

Turns out, big-league blood runs in the ball boy's veins. He's the younger brother of Oakland Athletics pitcher Pat Neshek, who marveled on Twitter about Lil Bro's grab.

Pat Neshek, you may recall, once played for the Twins. Maybe at Thanksgiving he and Paul can argue about who has the better Twins highlight.

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