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Rand Paul gives speech wearing 'Republicans' baseball uniform (plus a cap)

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No matter what you think of Sen. Rand Paul's policies (there's the disclaimer!), the guy likes baseball and that should be OK with anybody. Paul likes baseball so much that he gave a speech at the Leadership Institute in Virginia on Wednesday wearing a "Republicans" baseball uniform, including a cap. An occasion that otherwise requires a suit, or at least a Cosby sweater for crying out loud, Paul shows up looking like he just came from practice. Because he did.

ABC News has the details:

What was behind Paul’s fashion statement? Turns out he went to the speech directly after his first practice with Republicans playing in this year’s congressional baseball game and didn’t have time to change, an aide to Paul told ABC News.

He had baseball pants on too:


The best part was that he kept his cap on while giving the speech, probably because he has the waviest hair in politics (feel ya, brother) and his dome would have been quite messy otherwise. So, what did Paul talk about? It wasn't how the Houston Astros appear ready to lose 100 games again. The Astros were his father's team, anyway. Ron Paul has been photographed, awesomely, wearing the Astros rainbow uniform at the congressional baseball game in 1976.

One tweet from the breakfast meeting of conservatives, reportedly attended by 300, said Paul did discuss strategies to beat the Democrats at the baseball game in June. And, boy, do the Republicans need practice, as Roll Coll reports:

Democrats are looking to score their sixth straight win following their victory over the Republicans last year with an unprecedented score of 22-0.

Not that anybody keeps score, or anything.

More MLB coverage at Yahoo Sports:

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