For sale — underwear autographed by Hall of Famer pitcher/model Jim Palmer

Mike Oz
August 30, 2013

How much would you pay for a pair of tighty-whities autographed by a Hall of Fame pitcher? What if the pitcher in question is Baltimore Orioles legend and underwear icon Jim Palmer?

He's the six-time All-Star and three-time Cy Young winner who America got used to seeing in his underwear back when he modeled for Jockey in the late '70s.

The going rate for signed Jim Palmer draws in 2013 is $62.99 according to this eBay item, which you can buy right now. They're not Jockeys (and isn't that kinda like getting a star slugger to autograph an aluminum bat?) but Palmer wrote "HOF 90" and dated these things for good measure.

We're certain Palmer isn't the first athlete to sign a pair of underwear. Johnny Manziel must have signed at least a dozen pair of ladies panties by now. But we are curious to know if Palmer's the first to sign a pair of white briefs.

Our absolute favorite part of this is that the Jim Palmer autographed underwear are certified authentic. How did that one go over at the authentication office? Who drew the short straw and had to authenticate a pair of underwear instead of a baseball or jersey?

Did this person also have to sign off that these are "clean" and "not worn" because ... *shiver* Does the collectable authentication business have technology more sophisticated than the ol' sniff test?

Enough of that. Here's Palmer — now a TV color commentary for the Orioles — in his underwear days. He was the first pro athlete to do something like that and thusly, he's the reason that Bryce Harper can do stuff like this. So if collecting signed baseball player underwear is your thing (no judgment here), getting Palmer is like owning a Honus Wagner baseball card.

While we're not ones to judge whether other dudes can pull off this look, we will readily admit that Palmer wore this type of stuff much better than Pete Rose.

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