Ryan Howard is looking out for your well being, bro


Know how the back of each MLB ticket is printed with some legal mumbo jumbo saying that the league isn't responsible if you're beaned by a foul ball or swallowed up by the tarp, Vince Coleman-style?

Well, the back of each press pass contains more or less the same warning, so if someone suplexes you after a stupid question, it isn't Bud Selig's fault.

Anyway, with the best interest of others' safety always in his mind, Ryan Howard has decided to up the caution alert for Phils' media even one further after one of his foul balls nearly killed two workers in the team's Clearwater press box last weekend.

Todd Zolecki of the Zo Zone has the report of that incident:

"The ball flew between the two, and hit the back wall on the fly. The ball not only put a hole in the dry wall, which is about 20 feet behind the press box windows, but it hit so hard that it left impressions of its seams on the wall."

In the aftermath of the accidental aerial assault (say that 5x fast), Zo also reports that Howard recently went up to the pressbox and autographed the indentation with an abbreviated warning that simply reads W.O.B.

Which stands, of course, for Watch Out, Bro. Never has safety been so simple.

Incidentally, I always remind myself to D.D. whenever I enter a MLB pressbox. (And first one to guess what that stands for wins one of John Olerud's old helmets.)

A big BLS nod goes to my man Meech over at The Fightins'.