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Ryan Howard out-acted everyone on 'Entourage' Sunday night

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Just when I thought I could finally get through an entire season of "Entourage" without watching one second of its underachieving self, Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard(notes) goes and out-acts everyone during a cameo on the season finale of the show.

The good news: Howard's appearance was linked on every Phillies blog in this universe, so I didn't have to subscribe to HBO to document this notable meeting of pop culture and the sport this blog covers. Also, Howard used a very naughty word so I'm forbidden from embedding it here. If you have a signed permission slip from your mother and have 38 seconds you'll never get back, I recommend viewing it on The Fightins'.

The bad news: Bragging about out-acting the guy that plays "E" is akin to talking trash after beating the Pirates. Howard could have gotten drunk on that real tequila the show is pushing, donned a Zorro costume and attempted to deliver his lines in iambic pentameter and he still would've looked like Jimmy Caan next to that crew.*

* Holding out hope that Howard and Chase Utley's(notes) appearance on the upcoming season of "It's Always Sunny" will be infinitely more worthy of the players' time.

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