Ryan Dempster arrives in St. Louis in style

Mark Townsend

For some reason, baseball players with a unique sense of style have felt the need to show it off when traveling to St. Louis this postseason. Just last week we saw it from Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, who flew half-way across the country wearing a pastel plaid suit, bowtie and the works. Now Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster has followed suit, so to speak, with this ensemble.

I must have missed the memo, but it appears plaid is in again. Dempster has the plaid suit working to go with a standard tie and vest combo. Also, the hair is slicked back and it appears the beard is well groomed.

Well, at least compared to others on the same flight.

Here's another look.

There aren't a lot of guys who can pull off that look, but Dempster is certainly one of them. Maybe not so much because it shows he's in touch with today's style. That's far from the case. But it definitely matches his personality perfectly. Dempster has never been one to take himself seriously, so whether it was his own decision to don that dapper attire, or perhaps even a side bet gone wrong, he's able to wear it with pride and a smile on his face.

Good for you, Ryan Dempster. Just make sure to have it dry cleaned before returning it to Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry.

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