Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer gets own baseball card and detailed playing history

David Brown

Did you know that Rudolph is not only Santa Claus' lead reindeer, but he also slugged .447 with 33 stolen bases in the Holiday League this past season? Thanks to a partnership between and Hartwell Studio Works, the entire baseball history of Rudolph — from his rookie season in the Workshop Summer League in 2009 to the present — has been unearthed. His stats, his baseball card, the whole deal.

Baseball-Reference is a destination for most statistically minded fans because it's a convenient place to find just about any record of anything a Major League Baseball player has ever done. It's only right that Rudolph's baseball career is given a proper place among that of Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Seth Smith.

The record on Rudolph shows steady improvement from his first season, which of course was blighted by prejudice over his shiny red nose — from not only Rudolph's own father, but by Santa Claus himself — along with a measly .528 on-base plus slugging percentage.

Rudolph's B-R page is something straight from nerd heaven. It lists his height and weight (5-foot-3, 375 pounds — presumably that's on all fours) and his contract status. Rudolph is locked up until 2023. You have to wonder if Jack Frost will make a run at him if Rudolph hits free agency. The best part of the page might be the comparable players. It's puns galore: Rob Deer... Steve Christmas... Matt Holliday... Ozzie Guillen?

And note that he wasn't allowed to play in any reindeer games

Rudolph's baseball card, while probably not the first of its kind, is way better-looking than anything else on the Christmas baseball card market.

One thing Baseball-Reference doesn't cover: That year Rudolph tried playing NBA basketball with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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