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Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler insists the moon is a planet

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They could never be Royals, so the song goes. And if the work of Fox Sports Kansas City broadcaster Rex "The Wonder Dog" Hudler is a fair indication, they could never be astronomers, either.

As TV cameras closed in on a beauty shot of Earth's favorite natural satellite Tuesday night, play-by-play man Ryan Lefebvre made a joke about FCC regulations and ubiquitous shots of a full moon appearing on Major League Baseball broadcasts. The moon wasn't quite full (today at 2:14 p.m., yes) but that didn't keep Hudler from barking some outrageous stuff about it.

Hudler: "I like that rule; it's a beautiful planet."

Lefebvre: "Well, it's a moon..."

Hudler: "It looks like a planet to me."

Lefebvre: "Yeah."

Hudler: "Tomorrow is 'school day' at the K (Kauffman Stadium)."

Lefebvre: "Maybe they can cover the whole 'star, planet and moon' concept."

Hudler: "That might be good. I think I might need to be refreshed — I guess."

Lefebvre: "You know, we landed on the planet Moon in... well, anyway."

Witty repartee at its finest. Was Hud being cute? Definitely. Does he really know the difference between a moon and a planet? Not important. Is he 100 percent positive that we landed on the moon, as Lefebvre said? Not sure. Does he know the difference between a moon and a space station? There's no way in the Force he does.

Ahh, it's too big to be a space station anyway.

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