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A-Rod hit by pitch, shows the best A-Rod face yet

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

In hindsight, Big League Stew should have hosted a pool: How long before A-Rod got plunked with a pitch and which pitcher would do the honors? Some dude probably wouldn't mind winding up and drilling A-Rod, right? Considering how many MLB players are supposedly fed up with the PED era.

No time for a pool now, because it already happened — big Chicago White Sox lefty Chris Sale smacked A-Rod in the elbow with a 93-mph pitch Tuesday night, his second game back. The video above shows A-Rod smiling and telling the dugout he was OK as he trotted to first base. (Like the Yankees needed another injury).

Thank God still photography still exists, because the Associated Press freeze-framed what's easily the best A-Rod face of all the A-Rod faces we've seen these past few tumultuous days. Behold!

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Doesn't he look like a 2-year-old who can't figure out whether to cry after falling down? Fear not, A-Rod haters, we know what you want. Here's a close-up.

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The fans in Chicago, who've been booing A-Rod the last two days, responded to his pegging with some cheers. Finally! A-Rod, perhaps unaware they were cheering him getting hit, said after the game he loved the White Sox fans. Because of course.

''It was the weirdest thing,'' Rodriguez said. ''Probably the first time in 2,000 at-bats. And walking up to the plate I said, 'Whatever you do, just don't get hit in the elbow.' Second pitch I get hit in the elbow. I couldn't believe it. I love the fans in Chicago.''

Never change, A-Rod, never change.

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