A-Rod ‘fans’ try to get people to boycott the All-Star game, burn their tickets (Video)

Mike Oz
July 17, 2013

A couple of dudes dressed in New York Yankees gear, identifying themselves as Alex Rodriguez supporters, stood outside Citi Field on Tuesday before the All-Star game, campaigning for a boycott of the game and asking people to burn their tickets in support of A-Rod. Surprise! It wasn't too successful.

Of course, this is not an earnest attempt to glorify A-Rod, rather a "Daily Show"-like sketch from the guys behind the tongue-in-cheek Stand With A-Rod blog. Given A-Rod's embarrassing saga as of late, it's hard to imagine there would be two people in the country, let alone New York, who would embark on a crusade in defense of A-Rod.

However, in the unlikely case you are an A-Rod supporter, there's a "Pray for A-Rod Day" coming up on July 23. Start practicing, it sounds like he's going to need the prayers.

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