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A-Rod congratulates Seattle on Super Bowl, says the city deserved a championship

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Shockingly, it had been 10 days since The Stew had a post about Alex Rodriguez. This might have been a record, considering his drama-filled life as of late. But, we know how much you good folks love to make A-Rod jokes, so here you go ...

A-Rod hopped on his seldom-used Twitter account Monday to chime in about the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. Specifically, he said he was really happy for the people of Seattle. The same people, mind you, who used to love them some A-Rod back when he starred for the Seattle Mariners in his early years, 1994-2000.

Nice? Sure. But here's the thing: after bolting for the big bucks of the Texas Rangers and then becoming baseball's most polarizing figure with the New York Yankees, A-Rod isn't quite in Seattle's beloved former son category like Ken Griffey Jr.

He's not quite an enemy of the city on the level of former NBA commish David Stern, but there's still something about A-Rod congratulating Seattle that feels like an ex congratulating you after you got married. You can't help but groan a little.

A-Rod (or which PR person runs his Twitter account) was probably just trying to do the typical athlete thing and offer congrats to a championship city. LeBron does it. But with A-Rod, nothing is typical. Just ask the A-Rod cynics who are probably berating him for never bringing a championship to Seattle himself.

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