RoboCop throws out first pitch at Tigers game

David Brown

Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez said it right in describing the ceremonial first pitch by cyborg lawman RoboCop before the Detroit Tigers took the field Tuesday night at Comerica Park:

"I don't think he used his real RoboCop powers to throw that pitch. I know he can throw harder than that."

The Hollywood Reporter says the person inside the costume was neither actor Joel Kinnaman, nor other actor Peter Weller, but instead a stand in. Well, no wonder the pitch was in the dirt to Rajai Davis!

That's the funny thing about every RoboCop-related demonstration ever: (NSFW!) They're always disappointing. Sometimes, in a deadly way. Like, we're lucky RoboCop didn't accidentally machine gun everyone on the field. Along those lines, check out Davis explaining to RoboCop that "stealing" bases in baseball isn't illegal:

That could have been disastrous.

It wasn't the only imperfect moment during RoboCop Day in Detroit. A bigger-than-life bronze statue of RoboCop was supposed to be unveiled — but it wasn't ready.

But in the end, when the bad guys seem to have the upper hand and the good guys need to rally, RoboCop comes through. With hardly any collateral damage.

The city of Detroit must have an uneasy relationship with RoboCop. On the one hand, the 1987 film by Paul Verhoeven is a scathing satirical look at society, crime and media, in addition to being entertaining. It's an important film — really! But it's also a reminder to Detroit of the city's worst stereotypes and reputation, some of which is undeserved and all of which is piling on.

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