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Roberto Alomar is getting married on 12/12/12 for a baseball-related reason

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December 12, 2012, is the best day ever for anyone alive who is obsessed with the number 12.

Hall of Fame baseball great Roberto Alomar is one of these people.

Alomar, a 12-time All-Star who wore No. 12 at every major-league stop save one, says he will marry longtime friend Kim Perks in Toronto today. No word on if the ceremony is scheduled to begin, or end, at 12:12 p.m., though that would certainly seem appropriate.

This is what Alomar told gossip traders Terez Owens:


Honestly, I didn't realize Robbie was that fixated on No. 12 until now. Baseball players are a notoriously superstitious lot, or at least known as a demographic that obsesses with routine. And yet, it's remarkable that Alomar was able to wear the same uniform for six major-league stops. Was he just lucky? A good negotiator? Some combination?

By the time he reached the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2004, Alomar was 36 years old and had been in decline for a couple of seasons. And he was made to wear a different number because Steve Finley wore No. 12 and didn't give it up. Did Finley not realize what was at stake? It was Alomar's "special" number!

Instead of 12, Alomar wore No. 2  — and experienced a brief resurgence at the plate, hitting .318/.382/.473 in 125 plate appearances. Traded to the Chicago White Sox in August (for the second time in 13 months — hmm), Alomar got to wear his beloved No. 12 again. But he also had run out of baseball ability, batting .180 in 18 games for the Sox. Alomar signed in January 2005 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, perhaps in an attempt to go out like Wade Boggs, but he was cut from the team in March. It's just as well, anyway, as Boggs' No. 12 had been retired by the Rays by then.

Hopefully, these nuptials will mean a continued turnaround for Alomar, who had it rough in 2010 regarding his personal life, but was elected to Cooperstown in 2011.

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