Report: Tony Bosch surrenders to DEA; A-Rod's cousin Yuri arrested

David Brown
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On the first anniversary of Major League Baseball's epic suspensions of Alex Rodriguez and 12 other players for an association with performance-enhancing drugs, Biogenesis clinic founder Tony Bosch reportedly is surrendering to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

ESPN's T.J. Quinn writes that Bosch could face a maximum of 10 years in prison — though it's highly unlikely that will happen — after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids as expected.

UPDATE: Bosch isn't the only one headed into custody: Yuri Sucart, A-Rod's cousin, was arrested on conspiracy charges.

Quinn adds that Bosch's surrender and Sucart's arrest are part of the DEA's "Operation Strikeout," though the feds weren't going after them just because of famous alleged clients in MLB:

It doesn't seem likely that the DEA would be interested in pressuring Sucart to roll over on A-Rod — unless it had reason to believe Rodriguez also was distributing PEDs. Might the Yankees try to use Sucart's possible incarceration to put the squeeze on Rodriguez, whom they owe $61 million through 2017? It would be another startling turn in the case, if so.

And what does it mean going forward for MLB at large? Is there another shoe about to drop on one or more of the other players suspected of associating with Bosch? Probably not. The deal, Quinn reports, was struck between Bosch and the United States' Attorney without much input from MLB. In fact, the league was accused in 2013 of interfering with a Florida Health Dept. investigation of Bosch. Luckily, it appears Bosch is going to jail anyway.

Meanwhile, A-Rod continues to count down toward returning to the New York Yankees in 2015.

[Editor's note: An earlier version of the post incorrectly referred to the DEA as being an "agency."]

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