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Reggie Jackson on David Ortiz being new Mr. October: ‘Don’t say nothing silly now’

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Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz rewrote the history books and left an indelible mark on the postseason with several clutch hits and memorable moments. But those itching to call Ortiz the new "Mr. October" might want to pump the breaks according to the original "Mr. October," baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson.

At least that's what he indicated in an interview with HuffPost Live on Friday. Jackson was appearing on the show to promote his new book, “Becoming Mr. October,” and late in the 26-minute interview the host asked him what he thought of some people suggesting Ortiz might be the new "Mr. October" on the heels of his big postseason.

From the New York Daily News:

“He did a great job,” Jackson said of the Boston DH. “There’s only one Mr. October.”

Then Jackson muttered, possibly to himself, “We’ve got one day left. Don’t say nothing silly now.”

The host did not ask what Jackson had one day left to do, although the two did share an awkward laugh, before moving on to a different topic.

It was actually a light-hearted exchange, which you can view here. The lead up to the question begins around 20-minute mark in the video. It was also slightly awkward, if not manufactured filler. Aside from some analysts and Cardinals fans anointing Carlos Beltran Senor Octubre, the new "Mr. October" narrative was pretty much non-existent.

Ortiz received a lot attention, though, and rightfully so. His postseason slash line .353/.500/.706 was monstrous, and his .688 average in the World Series was second only to Billy Hatcher in 1990. He was easily the most productive player participating in the 2013 postseason, but Jackson's title is safe for now.

Overall the HuffPost Live interview is pretty extensive. Jackson delves into several topics covered in his book, including his time with the Yankees, his relationship with George Steinbrenner and his thoughts on PEDs and sabermetrics. The latter two topics actually lead into the Ortiz question, so if you're limited for time maybe jump in around the 15-minute mark. But if you're itching for any type of baseball talk on the first weekend of the offseason, it's not a bad investment of your time.

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