Real quote from Cubs owner: Wrigley Field doesn't have 'kitchens you never see'

David Brown

What do people love about Wrigley Field? The bricks, the ivy, the bleachers. Old Style beer, the neighborhood, the "L" train. That it's 100 years old. There's more, but those are the most popular particulars. Oh, there's one more, one thing Wrigley doesn't have: Those "kitchens that you never see."

What? No, really.

Wrigley Field is better than more modern ballparks because "nothing is hidden," posits Todd Ricketts, a member of the team's board of directors. OK... it sounds like the start of a less-than-promising architectural thesis. But maybe he's on to something. In a brief video clip related to the celebration of Wrigley's 100th birthday, we find out he's not. Ricketts makes zero sense, but is unintentionally hilarious, when talking about why Wrigley is special. Granted, it's hard to express original thoughts about a 100-year-old stadium. Everything already has been said.

Here's the transcript:

"It really does have its own personality. It's a place where nothing is hidden. In ballparks that have been built since, they have sub-floors and basements and there's underground parking and there's kitchens that you never see.

But when you're at Wrigley, you see it all. There's not much that's hidden there. Part of it is how ballparks were built in that era and the way it was done. So I think you have, like, kind of this personal relationship with the space."

Oh, totally. It's why people in Chicago always are putting down U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox play across town.

"Where are the kitchens?! There's got to be a chef's pantry around here somewhere. An island, a range hood. Check over by the visitor's dugout. What do you mean it's not there?!" produced several other videos where the likes of Jim Belushi and Glendon Rusch tell their favorite Wrigley stories, probably about how there are no invisible en suites.

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