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Q: Did Robin Ventura actually beat up Nolan Ryan? (A: No, he did not beat up Nolan Ryan)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Ever since Robin Ventura took the Chicago White Sox managing job, the Texas Rangers have been polite and left the ol' Nolan Ryan fight tape on the cutting room floor. Heck, the two former pugilists even had a nice chat during the season's first week.

Bygones aside, it doesn't mean we can't take another look at our favorite pummeling with the two teams set to begin a big series at Rangers Ballpark this weekend. Here's a clip that attempts to shine a light on a different aspect of the 1993 scrape:

Now, we appreciate the efforts of this White Sox fan in trying to award Ventura a few points from a confrontation he's been roundly mocked for over the past 20 years. And those are indeed some nice editing skills. The look on Nolan Ryan's face before being forced to the ground was unexplored territory, so kudos.

But let's be honest here: Giving Ventura credit for the takedown while backed by a wave of bipartisan interlopers is a lot like turning on your sprinklers in the middle of a thunderstorm. Sure, it'll help make your grass look great, but it was bound to happen either way.

Bottom line: Down in Texas, the winner of any fight is the person who lands the one or two punches before the fight is broken up as a result of everyone's natural tendency not to upset the herd. That makes Nolan the super-dominant male in a Rangers uniform while Ventura still looks like he could have gone on to do an extended run as a roommate on "Friends."

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