Popular Science catalogs 43 Jose Canseco tweets about, well, science

David Brown
June 25, 2013

We all should be circumspect of anything that comes from the Twitter account of Jose Canseco. I think it's a public relations intern who's tweeting on his behalf most of the time. At least the "good" stuff. However, no matter if it's the roided-up slugger at the controls or not, he does say some of the darnedest things. And Popular Science magazine has been watching. Colin Lecher writes:

Jose Canseco, who is insane, is an impressively former major league baseball player and active Twitter user. When not tweeting about rape allegations or his paintings of Donald Trump, Canseco tweets about science--a lot. He actually fired out this gem as I was was in the process of gathering these.

And then there are 43 tweets from "Canseco" about science, or pseudo-science, including:

He means "telomeres," which I still had to look up because it's been a while since high school science class, if they even were talked about then.

(Be careful exploring some of the responses of responses to these tweets Canseco gives, like when someone asks him about Alex Rodriguez joining Twitter. Canseco replies with some NSFW language. But anyway, back to science!:)

Can you imagine if Canseco's right and he makes it to 2050 and he sets his perma-age. We'll never be rid of him!

"Nanobots." I like this one. That's a great tech stock idea. I imagine that someday nanobots will be used instead of razors. No more shaving hassles! Just release the nanobots on your face for 5 seconds! Poor Schick.

Anyway, keep reading Canseco on Science. L. Ron Hubbard could not do better, or worse.

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