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Pittsburgh police say they won’t file charges in Dallas Latos case, but she says she will

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Police in Pittsburgh held a press conference Wednesday to announce no charges would be filed in an alleged assault against Dallas Latos, the wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos.

Latos says she was punched in the head three times and grabbed by the hair during an altercation with a fans during Tuesday night's NL wild card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, which the Pirates won 6-2.

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On Wednesday, police said the incident involved a total of 20-30 people, identified by Pittsburgh police Sgt. John Fisher as Reds fans and Pirates fans angry at each other. Here's more of what Fisher said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Sgt. Fisher said Ms. Latos was in the group that was fighting and that she then reported to police that a woman punched her two or three times in the head and neck. Because officers did not witness the fight, they treated the matter as a "he said/she said," the sergeant said.

He said police identified the woman they suspect punched Ms. Latos but did not arrest her because they did not witness the fight and, even if they did, it's likely it would have only risen to the level of a harassment or simple assault charge, for which they would have sent the woman a summons.

Instead, he said, police passed that woman's name along to Ms. Latos and told her she could file a private complaint with a judge if she wished. Sgt. Fisher said Ms. Latos declined officers' offer to have medics treat her and that she did not have significant, visible injuries.

Latos, who was the first to break the news of the attack via Twitter, used her Twitter account to respond Wednesday after the police press conference. She said, among other things, that she would press charges against her attacker and the press conference was "garbage."

Pittsburgh police also released a statement about the incident, which included one puzzling tidbit:

It was further learned that Mrs. Latos had left a designated secure seating area reserved for the wives and family members of the players and went into the general population of fans which is outside of the secured area where the alleged assault occurred.

Are we supposed to read that and think if you're a rival fan in the "general population" at PNC Park that this is the kind of thing that happens and it's no big deal? Of course not, but given the unfortunate fan-on-fan violence we've seen in sports in recent years, perhaps Pittsburgh police could have made their point better.

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