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Photo: An unfortunate moment in Boston bus advertising

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Boston Red Sox fans surely must have been angry when they saw this bus arrive on Friday morning with this ad on its side. Let's be honest, though: It's probably nothing compared to what they're going to feel when they board on Monday and see Terry Francona driving the thing.

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But, man, what jerks those guys at TBS are! How could they have assumed that the Red Sox were going to make the playoffs instead of being run down by the Tampa Bay Rays during one of the biggest collapses in baseball history. I mean, it's not like the Red Sox had a nine-game lead at the beginning of the month or the Rays were facing a 1-in-278 million chance of actually coming back.

Just to be safe, though, I think Turner Broadcasting might want to hold off on those "T" ads touting TNT's upcoming coverage of the Boston Celtics and NBA season.

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