Phillies fans react to receiving Hunter Pence bobblehead three weeks late (Video)

Kevin Kaduk

As expected, the Philadelphia Phillies went ahead with their scheduled Hunter Pence bobblehead night on Tuesday. And lest this semi-awkward situation pass unnoticed, our pal Enrico from The 700 Level positioned himself inside the Citizen Bank Park turnstiles to record the reactions of those receiving a bobblehead whose real-life representation would be playing on the opposite coast for a different team that night.

Would being reminded of a season gone south for the Fightins' create feelings of sadness, anger or depression? Or just simple glee at receiving something for "free"? Watch it here:


Each of the 45,000 bobbles came with a card containing a special message from Pence, thanking fans for the "great memories" and saying he hoped the figurine would serve "as a lasting reminder of my time there."

I initially surmised that was a nice way of writing "please don't throw these on the field after a blown call." But after seeing the happy hordes snap up bobbles of a player who played all of 155 games in a Phillies uniform, I'm starting to think this whole baseball thing may be an elaborate front for feeding the addiction of a nation of pack rats. In fact, I'd be surprised if Pence's message was even read before his mini-me's were ripped from their packages while their recipients protectively gurgled something about "my precious."

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