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Phillies believe rubber duckies make Series time lots of fun

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Upon arriving in the Tropicana Field clubhouse on Monday, each of the Phillies found a custom rubber duckie — of all things — inside his locker. What ensued was a game of cat and mouse between the media and the Phillies players, as members of the Fourth Estate tried to glean exactly why a team of grown men would adopt a children's toy as their rallying symbol for the World Series.

From Tim Brown's Y! Sports column:

"Some were red and others were pink and others were black and others were multi-colored, miniatures decorated and placed like the cows on the streets of Kansas City, or the tiny Statues of Liberty sold in Times Square ...

"Which led to one very obvious question:

"Uh, what's with the bath toys? ....

"'Oh, yeah, I'll tell you,' Jimmy Rollins said.

Reporters leaned in.

"'But not today.'"

Reporters eventually caught up with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, who said the ducks were more or less being used as a reminder not to get tighter than a duck's "(behind)." Only he didn't say "behind" and I guarantee you'll laugh out loud in your cubicle if you try to impersonate Manuel's Southern drawl while using the actual word. (No hints. I'm sure you can figure it out.)

Regardless, you can count your humble correspondent among the fans of this movement and you can rest easy knowing I'll be doing my best to bring you all things duckie over the next week and a half.

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