Phil Hughes mocks Derek Jeter, orders Starbucks as ‘Sanderson’

Mike Oz

A day after photos spread of Derek Jeter visiting Starbucks and using "Philip" as his coffee-fetching alter ego, New York Yankees teammate Phil(ip) Hughes declared "payback" on Jeter for snaking his name.

Hughes posted this tweet Friday, holding a venti something-or-other with "Sanderson" written on the cup. Sanderson, as you may or may not know, is Jeter's very-distinguished-sounding middle name.

Funny stuff, Phil (and we're not just saying that because you included a Big League Stew link, promise).

This, of course, opens up a litany of inside-baseball gags to be used during trips to Starbucks. Robin Ventura can get coffee as "Nolan." Zack Greinke's Starbucks cup could have "Carlos" written on it. The entire Tampa Bay Rays team can get Starbucks cups that say "Fausto," a nod to name-changing teammate Roberto Hernandez.

As for Jeter? Here's hoping next time he gets Starbucks he chooses "Joba" as his alias. Oh, or "Alex" — that would make the tabloids squeal.

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