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Peter Gammons compares Alex Rodriguez to the Boston Marathon bombers

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

"He wants to blow up the world. He's like the marathon bombers."

Well, Alex Rodriguez isn't the person who said the most ridiculous thing on a New York radio station in the past 24 hours.

That honor now goes to Hall of Fame baseball scribe Peter Gammons, who stuck his foot deep in his mouth Thursday when calling in to Mike Lupica's show on ESPN New York 98.7 FM to talk about the A-Rod saga.

Those words quoted above are Gammons'. You have to figure a man like Gammons wanted to catch them in the air and shove them back in his mouth the second he uttered them. Gammons is smarter than this. An embattled, overpaid baseball star and two men who rattled a city, killing five and injuring 280 people, aren't even remotely comparable. Not in any sports-obsessed reality.

Even worse: Gammons received a rather exalted introduction from Lupica — the "soul and conscious of baseball," he was called — before whiffing so bad.

A-Rod wanting to take MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig down with him is not a unique opinion. Others have said that since A-Rod's wild Wednesday, but they've said it with much more tact than Gammons did here. One needn't invoke eight-month-old terrorist acts to make that point.

Gammons realized this and apologized on Twitter after his comments began to spread:

Still, the entire incident underscores one of the points that A-Rod has been making in his own defense. He's being unfairly treated by baseball and the media, built into a monster.

If the tone of the A-Rod conversation is such that someone — anyone, baseball writer or average Joe on Twitter — is comparing him to a terrorist, we've lost touch with reality.

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