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Peter Angelos contradicts the last 15 years of his life

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Congratulations, Peter Angelos! As everyone else gets older and stubbornly clings to their half-cocked theories and beliefs ("I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!") you've actually gone the opposite direction and lightened up a bit.

The Nationals? Why, you hope they succeed! No matter that you fought Major League Baseball tooth and nail for years and years, contending that a team in Washington D.C. would eat away at your profits. Today you wish that wily Washington team the best of luck down in the District.

From today's Baltimore Sun:

"There's no law against visiting the other franchise. One's a National League city and one's an American League city.

"Originally, I said [Washington and Baltimore] were very close to each other. But nonetheless, it is the nation's capital, and the team is there, and it ought to be supported, and hopefully, both franchises will provide successful baseball."

Seriously, Mr. Angelos, I'm not trying to be too snarky here. After all those bitter years, it's nice to see you've softened on that old stance some. It might the only admirable thing you've done since starting to run the Orioles into the ground.

But truthfully, if there was ever a time to hold the line on that belief, it's now. Last homestand you "attracted" the lowest crowd (10, 505) in Camden history. Meanwhile, the Nats have averaged 21,913 fans to the two non-opening games of their BRAND NEW ballpark. Even if you combined both of those crowds, you're still not coming close to selling either place out.

Of course, the only way for you both to succeed is to field actual competitive teams (which your O's are doing so far — congrats.) You could also provide the total fan experience that the Nats are apparently providing for only $39 a game. Thankfully you don't see anything wrong with a little competition these days. Do you, Mr. Angelos?

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