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Penguins! Penguins waddle to mound at Rangers Ballpark for ceremonial first pitch

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Penguins! Dressed in their finest Tennessee Tuxedoes, a pair of African penguins from the Dallas Zoo visited Rangers Ballpark on Thursday and were on the mound for a ceremonial first pitch before the Texas Rangers beat the Oakland Athletics. Penguins!

The birds also came to the ballpark for a wildlife educational day and, obviously, to get people to come to the zoo. Because penguins! The human caretaker mentioned that the Dallas Zoo is "the only one in the country right now that's been able to introduce elephants and giraffes."

An elephant on the mound: Now THAT would be a first pitch. Maybe the next time the A's come to town (their mascot is an elephant), that can be arranged. The penguins were cute and all, but neither of them appeared interested in throwing a baseball. At least the elephant has a trunk to work with. It would be an experience the elephant would never forget!

In the meantime:

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