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David Brown

Ow, ow, ow! Yankees' Thames sprains ankle stepping on own bat

David Brown
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Marcus Thames(notes) violated the first rule of bat tossing on Wednesday night — don't throw it in your own way — and he paid for it with a sprained left ankle.

That's right, baseball fans. The New York Yankees outfielder stepped on his own bat while hustling to first base on a single Wednesday night.

Via MLB.com:

"I've seen guys slide on the bat on a play at home plate," manager Joe Girardi said, "but I've never seen anyone step on the bat."

That's because players are supposed to throw it the opposite way they run. Or to the left. Or to the right. Not to the straight ahead.

Never seen it before. Never heard of it before. Hard to conceive of it.

But it happened. It appears that a combination of tacky batting gloves, sticky pine tar, reluctance to let go and bad luck worked against the big man.

Check out the video of the play

Thames sure has had a topsy-turvy week. He won Monday's game against the Red Sox with a game-ending home run, getting the shaving-cream pie in the face treatment. Then, on Tuesday, he dropped a fly ball for a key error that helped the Red Sox storm back to win.

And now, Thames be trippin'. Over his own bat. The Yankees, who fell 10-6 to the first-place Tampa Bay Rays, had to replace Thames in right field with Ramiro Pena(notes) (who is an infielder). Thames, himself, was replacing Nick Swisher(notes), and Curtis Granderson(notes) is on the disabled list.

Before wishing Marcus a speedy recovery, check out the frame-by-frame screen caps to see if any lessons can be learned:

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Hey, there's a bat in the way! Marcus, evasive action!

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Oh, that's going to hurt.

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"Am I to first base yet?"

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