Oof! Guy on cell phone gets hit in the face with baseball

Ah, there's nothing like a little schadenfreude at the ol' ballpark, gang!

If the video is still up, head on over to Deadspin to witness what we've been waiting years to see: A man on his cell phone at Tuesday night's Mariners-Yankees game, getting hit in the schnoz by a foul ball from Seattle's Rob Johnson(notes) at Yankee Stadium.

Then head on back here, where we'll be holding a contest for best Nelson Muntz impression.

OK, so maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the guy. He could have been calling his daughter to say good night. Also, he did try to make a play on the ball with his one free arm.

Then again, we've been held hostage for years by cell phone wavers and guys like that chucklehead behind the plate in Atlanta on Monday night. Laughing at him feels oh-so-cathartic, like seeing the guy finally get bit by the dog he's been taunting.

In other words: If this guy has any issues with us pointing and laughing, he should get off his phone already and take it up from the thousands that came before him.